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Ever wanted to buy or purchase something online but unsure as to how to pay or ship or forward the item back to Australia?

Ever had the issue where you tried to order & buy online from the USA but they do not accept your credit card?

Maybe you don’t have a local address in USA, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom or Australia?

Have an existing mail forwarder but missing a local payment method such as a credit card or they don’t send to freight forwarders? We can purchase the item and send it to your Hopshopgo, Shipito, MyUSA addresses!

Perhaps you have found an online shop or eBay to buy from in USA which offers no international shipping or the shipping prices are expensive for a small order to Australia?

We work on a service fee basis which is 8% of the order value on a per order basis, no membership required and no monthly spend requirement.

We offer a range of parcel and mail forwarding to suit small and large item/s

It’s easy to get start, just submit a “Quote Me” form and we will get back to you with the price shipped to your door anywhere in the world.

It’s about breaking the boundary of where you can buy things. Don’t just confine yourself to buying things locally – explore your options with the Internet. It’s whatever you want at the right price!

No matter where you live, we are your personal online shopping concierge to make it happen. We will source and assist you with your purchase by offering Assisted Purchase on your behalf with the store. You might live in the USA but why not order from Australia for that something unique for a birthday or for the special someone.

We provide you with Assisted Purchase / Shopping Concierge / Local Payment / Buying & Price Research service.

We do the work and you enjoy the savings!

“No boundaries – we can get you what you want, when you want it from anywhere in the world”

Our "Your Questions” section contains frequently asked questions.

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